Our Calculators

FXGlobe Markets provides its clients with four easy to use economic, trading calendars. The Pip calendar, profit calendar, margin calendar and currency converter. These have been selected to make trading the markets as simple as possible, while managing risk. Simply choose the calculator you want to use, insert the required information and instantly get the results.

Profit Calculator

A profit calculator is a tool used by traders and investors to calculate how much capital you could gain or lose when opening a position. The calculator is simple to use, yet plays a vital role for traders of all levels.The calculator is used as a risk management technique, but you have to be aware that there are other risk management procedures that need to be used.


Pip, Margin and Currency Calculators

The margin calculator is used to understand your margin requirements based on equity stocks position. The Pip calculator is used to calculate the pip value for Forex pairs. A pip is the smallest change a currency pair can make and it is important to be able to calculate this value. The currency converter gives you real-time currency conversion prices on global pairs, to give you more insight on your activities.


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