Meet Álvaro.

Half of the Basagoiti brothers’ trading duo, Álvaro emphasizes patience, discipline, and staying informed of current news and events.


Álvaro is based in Madrid, Spain, and has been trading since 2006. His passion for the stock market inspired his career in economics. He got his economics degree with a master’s in consulting from ICADE and went to work in a London prop trading firm, which he loved. There was no going back! Since then, he’s been committed to studying financial markets.

Teaching style.

The first turning point in Álvaro’s trading career was the first account he burned. Instead of quitting, he continued. The patience and discipline he used got him where he is today. He’s dedicated the last 13 years to trading full-time and still studies every single day.

Professional reputation.

Álvaro admits that a few years ago, he would get stressed when he lost a trade. He noticed he‘d end up paying for it with poor money management in the next trade. But after years of honing his mental skills, losing an operation no longer causes him stress.

Quick-fire facts.

Expert Advice
“Be patient—time puts everything in its place—and with work and discipline you will end up achieving your goal.” He says it’s easy to sum up learning market analysis in one sentence. “First, learn a system. Then practice for years until you’re consistent with money and emotional management.”

  • Most used trading strategies: Elliott, Fibonacci, Wyckoff, and Wolfe
  • Favorite financial instruments: CFDs, options, and futures
  • Most interesting place traded from: he got some odd looks trading in a Moroccan theater
  • Industry role models: Michael Burry, Ray Dalio, and Stanley Druckenmiller
  • Number of positions opened on an average week: around 15 to 20
  • Best vacation memories: surfing in Bali and festivals in Holland, Germany, and Miami

“When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps.”
– Confucius

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