Partners tools.

There’s a reason why partners love working with us. Our innovative tools, advanced technology, and extensive resources make your life easier.

The ultimate IB system.

Only the best is good enough for our IBs. Which is why we use Cellxpert, the world’s most trusted partner management stack. The easy-to-use modules are purpose-designed for forex IBs. They’re built to foster trust and transparency in partnerships.

  • Highly-granular real-time reporting
  • Supports license and regulatory requirements
  • Clear audit trail of all your payment calculations
  • Unlimited historical data so you can always make informed decisions
  • Clean and modern interface for a smooth workflow
  • Sophisticated compliance tools

Partners' portal.

Having everything you need in one place just makes sense. So, we created a totally custom Partners’ Portal. Log in to monitor your activity and performance, choose creatives from our media bank, and much more.


To maximize the success of every marketing campaign, you’ve got to monetize your traffic effectively. Our dedicated report center makes it easy to keep tabs on activity and analyze data on a granular level. From the Partners’ Portal dashboard, you can view over 5 pillar reports or generate your own. Staying in control of your own segment creation and performance monitoring couldn’t be more simple.


Part of your job as a partner is catching the eye of your followers, community members, friends, and general reach. To help you do that we’ve built an awesome media bank of professional widgets, banners, landing pages, and more. Think your audience would respond to something more custom-made? Our talented design team is on hand for special requests.


We’ve created and curated an impressive collection of educational resources in our FXGlobe Academy. As a partner, you can request to use some of our vast content library which includes tutorials, videos, a glossary, courses, and more.


We add more ebooks to our library every single month. Ebooks are one of the most valuable tools for introducing brokers. They help to introduce your clients to trading smoothly, building knowledge and creating confidence. This makes your clients more likely to succeed in the long run—which benefits you, too.

Widgets & embeds.

When you’re running a forex blog or website, visitors expect to see certain widgets like trading calculators or an economic calendar. But it’s not always easy to find quality ones that work well with your site.

Let us spare you the hassle! You can access widgets in your Partners’ Portal, so you can provide useful tools to your clients while promoting FXGlobe.

Online courses.

Our exciting new masterclass courses are the perfect way to attract new clients. They cover all aspects of trading and have been created by FXGlobe ambassadors who are experts in their field. Use them to attract new clients and provide added value to members of your community.


We’ve teamed up with brand ambassadors across the globe to provide information for traders in multiple languages. Take advantage of their content and guidance to better serve your own clients in different countries.

Local events.

FXGlobe isn’t just a broker. We’re a worldwide trading family. It’s important to us that we build long-lasting and solid relationships with our partners and are mutually invested in each other's success. For partners who are ready to take things to the next level, we’re introducing offline events hosted in your location.


We are constantly creating videos of our ambassadors, business culture, trading, daily updates, and more. These are essential tools in your mission to introduce us to your clients, so feel free to distribute them to your followers and community.


Content is king, and having a regular flow of engaging information is a huge part of building a successful brand as an IB, affiliate, or another partner. As well as your unique creations, we can help you to use, share, or even create new content. We’re here to feed into a successful strategy that benefits you, your clients, and FXGlobe.


Sponsorships can be game-changing. At FXGlobe, we love collaborating with local and online brands that share our values. We’re always reviewing partnerships with individuals, organizations, influencers, sports teams, businesses, and more.

Mini sites.

Need help building your online brand identity? We offer solutions for long-term trusted partners including templated websites to help you reach your goals. Speak to your affiliate manager or dedicated contact to discuss how we can help.

Create your own account types.

Working with different clients in various jurisdictions presents all sorts of challenges. Sometimes, you might need a special type of account to answer the real needs of the market you’re operating in. We understand that one size doesn’t fit all. Our flexible and human approach means we can make unique account types for your clients.

APLFX (PTY) LTD acts solely as an intermediary in terms of the FAIS Act, rendering only an intermediary service (i.e., no market making is conducted by APLFX (PTY) LTD) in relation to derivative products offered by FS INTERNATIONAL LTD (i.e., the Product Supplier).

By proceeding with opening an account, this will be registered with FS INTERNATIONAL LTD, which is authorised and regulated by the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC) with license number 700227. FS INTERNATIONAL LTD falls outside the South African regulatory framework and Vanuatu’s laws and regulations will apply in relation to your account.

APLFX (PTY) LTD is authorised by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) in South Africa as a Financial Service Provider (FSP) with authorisation number 52045.

APLFX (PTY) LTD acts solely as an intermediary in terms of the FAIS Act, rendering only intermediary service (i.e., no market making nor product producer is conducted by APLFX (PTY) LTD) in relation to derivative products through a licensed Product Supplier.

By proceeding with opening an account, I hereby acknowledge the Terms & Conditions of APLFX (PTY) LTD and that my account will be opened under a licensed Product Supplier with whom the intermediary arrangement exist with APLFX (PTY) LTD.