Meet Luis.

Luis Fernando Ferreira Fontes’ bold style and sense of adventure make him a natural leader in the trading world.


Luis began trading more than a decade ago for a couple of simple reasons: he likes money and enjoys taking controlled risks. Having studied chemical and then civil engineering, he thought it would be easy! The possibility of big financial returns drew him in, and he got started right away.

Teaching style.

Of course, the reality is that profitable trading is not easy at all. And so the first time Luis traded he lost $10,000… in just 10 minutes. That was the motivation he needed. From then on, he studied hard until he found a reliable way to make money.

Professional reputation.

Today, Luis is a successful entrepreneur with thousands of trading students. If he could go back in time, the advice he’d give himself as a new trader would be to respect the stop loss of any trading or financial limits on his plan.

Quick-fire facts.

Luis is always on the lookout for unique opportunities. During the COVID crisis, he invested 70% of his capital—an unorthodox and risky move under any circumstances—and waited for market recovery. His style is bold yet intelligently calculated.

  • Based in Camaçari, Bahia, and speaks Portuguese and English
  • Trading hardware: two 27” monitors for different timeframes and a good quality chair
  • Most interesting place traded from: a sailboat on the open ocean
  • Favorite destinations: Maldives and Dubai. Next on the travel wishlist is Hawaii
  • Number of positions opened per day: 1 to 5, or more smaller trades if recovering a loss
  • When not trading: you’ll find him at home with his family, sailing, surfing, or fishing

“Use technical analysis to try and understand what the charts tell us. Analyzing the past can help us to identify the future. Then, you just need to wait for the best moments.”

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